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What does cooperation with us look like?


Our business partners do not need to maintain their own warehouses or accumulate large quantities of finished furniture.

Instead, we can produce furniture on demand - directly to the end customer's order.

Cost reduction

This makes our offerings more flexible and eliminates storage and inventory management costs for our partners.

In addition, we eliminate the risk of loss of value associated with unused or obsolete furniture, which can sometimes happen when building stockpiles.

Meeting expectations

As a result, our partners are assured of getting the right furniture that is tailored to the end customer's requirements.

And we can focus on efficient and sustainable production management.


We cooperate with specialists in Lean Manufacturing. We continuously develop the competence and skills of the team.

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Two female office workers sitting next to desks

We will assess whether we can complete your project.

1. Initial contact
Man and woman sitting in office creating furniture designs

We will provide the cost of producing your Project

2. Quote
Three workers drawing plans and charts on whiteboard

Design made using CAD-CAM tools

3. Design
Factory worker with safety headphones insting wooden board to cnc machine

Order fulfillment

4. Manufacturing

When do we start?

📞 +48 695 747 422

Image of company CEO on fair trades surrounded by furniture pieces

Jakub Przybylski


Let's talk!

Stolarnia Przybylski Sp. z o.o.

Jastrzębsko Stare 30A

64-300 Nowy Tomyśl

NIP: 788 203 39 49

VAT-EU: PL7882033949


Sale of fuel and wood briquette


tel. +48722343112

Office and showroom open

Mon- Fri: 7-15

When do we start?

📞 +48 695 747 422


Contour map of Poland with marked location of wooden furniture company
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